Privacy Policy for the Graph Paper Generator site

It is our firm belief that every website should have a clear privacy policy. Below you will find a listing of exactly what types of information are collected, how they are used, and why.

Visitor Logs: This site may log the unique ip address of visitors. An ip address is generally shared among thousands of internet users. Under normal circumstances it cannot be used to identify you as an individual. The exception is if you pay your internet service provider extra to have a unique static ip. This information is collected for statistical purposes. We use it to identify what geographical areas of the world most of our users are coming from. It is also used to identify how many people have visited our site.

Browser Type: This site may also log the browser type. It is used to determine what browsers are the most common among our visitors. We use that to make sure all the features work with popular web browsers.

Referral data: We collect the link info that shows where you clicked on a link to get to our site. This is used to see what other sites have links to us. Generally we use this data to see how this site is growing in popularity.

Email: If you chose to contact us via the contact page, your correspondance may be retained. This information is used for the improvement of our site by your suggestions. It may be kept to reference for responding to your queries in future.

Unless compelled by law, no information that can be used to identify an individual person will ever be released by us. We may post general statistics, such as the number of visitors per month, or what regions most of our traffic comes from, at our discretion. Please be aware that the scope of this privacy policy is limited to us and information collected by our site. If you chose to follow a link away from our site you are leaving our site. We cannot control how your information will be used outside of our site.

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